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Added in v1.6

+ Attachments: 

The send email submit action has been extended to allow file uploads to be added to the email as a file attachment.
+ Folder support on file upload control: The file upload control's storageproviders have been updated to support (dynamic) subfolders. Example: formuploads/{formName}/{fieldName}/{language}

Added in v1.5

+ Show Form Page: With this submit action you set the page in your form that needs to be displayed after a succesfull submit. This is usefull when you don't want to redirect to a seperate thank you page but replace the form with a thank you message after submit.

+ RawHTML: the content entered in the Raw HTML field is rendered on the page as pure html without escaping

+ Hiddenfield: Use this field to add an input type hidden on the form. This can be usefull when you want to send additional info to your analytics datalayer. This field also supports the databinding functionality and is thus able to send some xDB profile information to the client.

+ Date Timespan Validator: With this validator you can compare the entered date with the current datetime. The package contains implementations to check wether a date is in the present or the past. It also contains a validator to check someones age entered through the datepicker.

Added in v1.4

+ Prefill fields with data form the contacts xDB profile

+ Store filled in data on the contacts xDB profile

+ Add support to create your own field bindings to custom database, crm's, etc...

+ Added IdentifyContact custom submit action

Added in v1.3

+ Code cleanup and refactory

+ Added IXDbContactFactory to allow usage of your own IdentifierSource

Added in v1.2

+ Send Email, Custom Submit Action: Replacement for Send Email to Fixed Address. This new action support sending mails to a fixed backoffice email address, the email of the current identified contact or to a value of the form. The values from the form are passed to EXM as custom tokens and can be used in the email.

Added in v1.1

+ Support for multiple to-addresses on send mail action.

+ Google ReCaptcha v2 control

+ File Upload Control with 2 storageproviders (filesystem and azure storage)

+ File Size Validator: check the file size of files uploaded with the file upload control

+ Content Type Validator: check the content type of files uploaded with the file upload control

Currently in v1.0:
+ Send Email to Fixed Address: Adds the functionality to send the form to an EXM email campaign, but send it to an email address defined on the save action rather then the contact filling in the form. The fields of the form are passed to the EXM email template through custom tokens that can be used in the email. This allows to mail the contents of the form to your backoffice.

+ Update Contact: A save action to update the current contact's xdb profile with firstname, lastname and email entered in the form.


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