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10/26/2015 11:09:33 PM
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A Single Select with Search field in Sitecore is much like the built in Multilist with Search, except that the look and functionality is updated to support selection of a single item only.


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    Description of the entire module

    Single Select with Search field in Sitecore

    With Sitecore 7.2 we have the new sitecore fields with search available.
    The multilist with search is a real life saver when it comes to usage of Sitecore buckets.
    By default the Sitecore buckets create a hierarchy of folders with the
    Year -> Month -> Day -> Hour -> Minute structure.


    Makes it awfully hard to find items without a good search system in place.

    Which is why the multilist with search brings us a sigh of relief. However, in one of our projects, we found the need to be able to restrict the selected number of items to 1 only – like in the case of selecting a featured product etc.

    Initially we started off by just taking the first item selected in the multilist with search field, while we processed data in the back end. However, this opened a can of worms when it came to training the content authors. Which is why, we sought an alternate solution, and created a custom field which allows only a single selection with search as is.

    This is what it now looks like:


Release notes
This package installs the following to your Sitecore instance:-

\bin\SharedSource.SingleSelectWithSearch.dll- \App_Config\Include\SingleSelectWithSearch.config- \sitecore\shell\Controls\SingleSelectWithSearch\SingleSelectWithSearch.css- \sitecore\shell\Controls\SingleSelectWithSearch\SingleSelectWithSearch.js

And adds the following item to your Core DB to add the new custom field to your database:- /sitecore/system/Field types/Link Types/Single Select With Search

After installation, Single Select With Search will be available as an option in the Sitecore Field Types - while adding a field to any template. The source for this field will honor the same format as sources for Multilist with Search field in Sitecore.
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