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What is Included in SignalR Tools?

The following tools are included in the package:

- cache.html - a cache.aspx and a Cache Tuner Module combined in one. 
- jobs.html - SignalR implementation of jobs.aspx displaying a list of currently running and finished jobs 

All SignalR tools provide live updates every second eliminating the need for clicking the refresh button to see updates. The SignalR Tools, just like their original implementations, require administrator-level access.

How to Access Sitecore SignalR Tools
All tools get published into \Website\sitecore\admin folder and can be accessed by navigating to -
  • /sitecore/admin/cache.html
  • /sitecore/admin/jobs.html

If you would like to contribute to SignalR Tools project on GitHub, please send a pull request.

The project has been developed under the MIT license.

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Copyright 2015 Vasiliy Fomichev


Release notes
Module released on 24 August 2015
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