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9/9/2016 8:40:29 PM
9/26/2016 10:51:56 AM
Provider: Sensorpro


Sensorpro is full marketing automation suite that is integrated with Sitecore.

Use Sensorpro to:
- Import lists directly from Sitecore.
- Create mobile responsive email campaigns and surveys
- Deploy campaigns and surveys to your Sitecore lists.
- Report back to Sitecore with campaign metrics.

Sensorpro is a .NET multi-tenanted cloud-based platform and is integrated with Sitecore for single sign-on and sending email to Sitecore lists.


Release notes
V1.0 - Initial Release

- Single Signon via Sitecore
- Set up Cloud-based Sensorpro Account (and Sitecore Integration) in a matter of minutes.
- Create email design using WYSIWYG designer.
- Select Sitecore List(s) to send that email to.
- Send the email using our high volume MTA.
- Track metrics using our built in dashboard.
- Automatically send metric data back to Sitecore as facets, visible on Experience Profile Screen.
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