Parameter driven publish deployment tool

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9/4/2014 9:38:57 AM
8/24/2015 10:48:12 AM
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On automatically deployment or scripted Sitecore releases you would properly also do a scripted publish. Or maybe just publish to the one that is removed from the load balancer and wait until the publish is finished. With this publish module you can do that, just give your wishes in the querystring parameters of the url to the module. With a second script IsPublishTaskRunning.aspx you can poll and see when the publish is done.

Installation instructions

place the ParameterDrivenPublish.aspx and IsPublishTaskRunning.aspx into the \sitecore\admin folder on your Sitecore CMS installation. (For Sitecore 8 you need version 1.1)


Go the /sitecore/admin/ParameterDrivenPublish.aspx

Find  the correct querystring parameter and add the url to your continuous integration or continuous delivery system. The page show all the available web databases and lets you choose between full or smart publish.

For the Is Publish running check go to:




The pages do not have a login be sure you don’t deploy it to a accessible server without protected the admin urls. maybe you can remove the tool after use.

Every access to the script will logged in the Sitecore Log.


  • Documentation > Release 1.0
    Release 1.0
    Initial release, no support for publish errors
  • Documentation > Release 1.1
    Release 1.1
    Fixes for Sitecore 8
Release notes
Module released on 24 August 2015
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