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This Module generates two packages whenever a package installation happens
   1. Rollback Package
   2. Uninstall Package

A Rollback Package
This Rollback Package is a standard Sitecore ZIP Package that will contain a backup of the full Sitecore content items that were modified as part of the package installation. This Rollback Package can be used installed using the standard Sitecore package installer to restore complete content items to their versions that existed prior to the installation of the package that initiated the backup.

An Uninstall Package
This Uninstall Package is a Sitecore "UPDATE Package" that will only contain commands and not full item data. This Uninstall Package is created by comparing the item’s versions before & after the installation of the package that initiated the backup. This Uninstall Package will not restore whole items, but will restore only the individual changes made to items. 


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    Package uninstaller
    The Working:
    Once this module is installed, you will see a checkbox 'Create Rollback/Update Package for Sitecore Items' in the Package Details Page, when trying to install a package through Installation Wizard. If this checkbox is checked, once the package installation is completed, Rollback and Uninstall Packages will be created for the installed package, and it can be download from the links that appear at the Last Page.

    The Background:

    Packaging & Installing Items would be part of our routine work when working with Sitecore. Any mistake to it might spoil the entire content. Let’s consider, if we have an item with 100 children and if we are trying to modify the parent item alone with a package installation, but have given Overwrite option by mistake, we would be losing the 100 children in a single click. But what if we have a Rollback Package for recovering, which would save our day.

    This ‘Package Uninstaller’ module generates Rollback Package (ZIP), which will back-up the items (that are going to be modified after package installation) before installing them.

    But a Rollback Package is not sufficient and will not suit in all scenarios. Let’s consider if we have an item with lot many versions and fields, and few versions/field values got deleted after a package installation by mistake. And if we are getting to know the mistake after adding some more versions/fields. Here Rollback package will not be the exact solution because it will overwrite the newly added changes. Here we would need an Uninstall Package, which will revert only the changes and not the entire item. So the newly added changes will not be overwritten.

    This ‘Package Uninstaller’ module also generates Uninstall Package, which will create an UPDATE Package with anti-commands/changes (which can installed using UpdateInstallationWizard). With this, we can be sure that the items are not overwritten and newly added changes are not lost. If the same version/field is modified, appropriate conflicts will appear while analyzing this Uninstall Package using UpdateInstallationWizard.

    For More details on Update Packages, please visit our blog,

    Download User Guide and Sitecore package (Module) by clicking on download button.
Release notes
Please insert section here whenever you add a new version of your Sitecore module package describing version number, new features, fixes and possible known issues.
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