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MasterKey gives users the extended functionality to manage locked items in large amounts while preserving the security rules set in the application.

It has been built for Sitecore 8 but has gone through compatibility efforts and testing for it to work without issue on all versions of Sitecore 7. Testing has not been completed for Sitecore 6.6 and earlier but should work.

Unlock children

A new button in the Review Tab of the Content Editor has been added. If the Item in Context has any locked child Items MasterKey will determine if the User in Context has permission to edit the Item, edit the language version and if the item is currently being edited. If these conditions are met the button becomes enabled.

On click MasterKey loops through the Child Items running the condition checks against each one and if satisfied the Item is unlocked. Items suitable are then unlocked. At the end of the process MasterKey will produce a report of the Items that were unlocked, a list of those which could not be unlocked and a notification of those that failed to unlock.

MasterKey preserves the hierarchy of User Roles such that Items locked by Admins can not be unlocked by Content Editors.


Unlock Item

A second button has been added to the Review Tab to unlock the Item in context. The button becomes enabled when all the conditions defined above are satisfied for the Item in Context.

On click MasterKey will unlock this item and will begin an additional step to check if any of its child Items can be unlocked by the User. If there are, the user will be presented with the option to unlock them or not. The user selecting yes will begin the looping through and unlocking of the child Items producing a report at the end defining items that were unlocked, those which can not be unlocked and those which failed to unlock.


Unlockable Items

A new Gutter item has been added which defines all unlockable items in the Content Tree for the User in Context called Unlockable Items. Items which can be unlocked by the User will have the MasterKey Icon next to them to denote this.

Clicking this Icon will unlock that Item. MasterKey will then determine if the Item's children can be unlocked by the user and prompts them to approve the unlock. If the user approves MasterKey will loop through the children and unlock the Items producing a report at the end for the user.


Release notes
Version 1.0 released
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