MaxMind GeoIP2 Lookup Provider

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4/23/2016 7:59:43 PM
8/1/2016 10:25:06 AM
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Provider: Boris Brodsky


Sitecore has release Gelolocaiton services in May of 2015, but there may still be a need for a different type of Geo Service. This module will work with GeoIP2 City Database API, but provided code could be used as a base to create custom Geo Provider.


  • Documentation > Installation
    Manual Installation

    1. Request Free Trial  from MaxMind:
    2. Get latest code from:
    Update App_Config/Include/z.MaxMind.GeoIP2.config (check above instructions)
    4. Update Sitecore.path.xml file, located in the root of the project with PATH to the collection of Sitecore DLLs - If you develop locally, that will  be your website/bin folder.
    5. Create Publishing profile to deploy the code.
    6. The TestIP.aspx file will be deployed automatically, removed it from PROD
    7. Test:
    http://[host name]/sitecore/TestIp.aspx

  • Documentation > Installation
    Package Installation

    1. Request Free Trial from MaxMind:

    2. Backup website folder

    3. Install Package. MaxMind GeoIP2 CustomLookupProvider-0.9.2

    4. IMPORTANT: Update Web.config. Update  Newtonsoft.Json section.

    Reason for this update: The MaxMind DLL requires Newtonsoft.Json version 8

    <assemblyIdentity name="Newtonsoft.Json" publicKeyToken="30ad4fe6b2a6aeed" />
    <bindingRedirect oldVersion="" newVersion="" />

    5. IMPORTANT: Update App_Config/Include/z.MaxMind.GeoIP2.config file as following:
    User ID and License key - pulled from MaxMind WebSite

    <setting name="MaxMindGeoIP2.ID" value="0" />
    <setting name="MaxMindGeoIP2.Key" value="xxxxxx" />


    Set DEBUG mode - this will output MaxMind City response object into log file. Logs stored under Data/Logs/MaxMindGeoIP2.20160423.125949.txt

    <setting name="MaxMindGeoIP2.isDebug" value="False" />

    6. Upload TestIp.TXT file to website/sitecore/ folder  and rename to .ASPX to test the set-up
    7. Test:http://[host name]/sitecore/TestIp.aspx

Release notes
Please insert section here whenever you add a new version of your Sitecore module package describing version number, new features, fixes and possible known issues.
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