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3/28/2018 5:00:34 PM
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This developer-focused module will save you time and from mistakes when configuring language fallback in Sitecore CMS. This module provides easy-to-use buttons to auto-check / un-check the following checkboxes on the selected and descendant template items:

- "Enable Item Fallback" checkbox on standard values items
- "Enforce Version Presence" checkbox on standard values items
- "Enable field level fallback" on template field items.


1. Install the module in the sitecore package installer.
2. Log into sitecore as an administrator.
3. Enable the developer tab in the content editor.
4. Navigate to /system/templates and then on a template or any template folder or item of your choice.
5. In the developer toolbar, find the "language fallback" tab group and click the desired button.
6. You will be prompted to confirm before the action is executed. 

NOTE: it should not be necessary to install this package on non-local environments as this is a developer accelerator tool.


Release notes
Initial release contains base functionality of module.
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