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Icon Selector Field Selected

Icon Selection SPEAK UI Dialog


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    Icon selector field



    Install the Package Icon Selector Field Package-1.0.zip as you would any regular package.

    You will need to do a Site publish to get have the items available and to ensure the search indexes are re-built.




    After installation you will have a new Link Field Type in the core database

    In the master database you will have a folder containing the all the defined icon items which drives the SPEAK UI search from

    Icon Folder

    You will need to add a new field to a template of type CustomIcon

    When the new field is added to you template, locate the template in the Content Editor, the Field has two states Icon Not Selected 

    Not Selected

    and Icon Selected

    Icon Selected

    Clicking the Edit button will bring up a SPEAK UI Dialog to allow selection and search of the Icons.

    Icon Speak UI

    To use the Icons on your website you can reference the CSS file - sitecore\shell\client\Your Apps\Dialogs\InsertCustomIconDialog\Icons.css or copy the contents of the file to a custom css file and ensure the icons font file references are updated.

    The Icon field values are stored as a GUID and can be used as you would any other link type and use the items 

    CssClass field eg item.Fields["CssClass"].Value. 

    If you are using Glass Mapper the package also includes an AbstractSitecoreFieldMapper for this type that you can add CustomIconField types to your models and  access  with @Model.Datasource.Icon.CssClass 

Release notes
Initial Release 1.0 - 29/09/2015
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