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Glass Sitecore Mapper is an object mapping framework for mapping Sitecore items directly onto an object model, this allows you to model your entire Sitecore solution in code. The framework handles reading and writing to fields, creating relationships (parent, child, etc) and much more . 

The second aim of the project is to make your Sitecore code unit testable by letting you deal with simple .NET classes and having interfaces that allow you to interact with Sitecore. With Glass Sitecore Mapper you can spend your time focused on solving the business problem and not writing repetitive boiler plate code.

Some of the key features are:
* Constructor injection
* Inferred Types
* CRUD operations
* Page Editor support
* Razor Support
* Dynamic keyword support
* T4 templates that work with TDS
* Code first implementations - your code because a data provider
* MVC support
* And much more to come..

For more information on the Glass.Sitecore.Mapper visit the site ​ You can find out more about the different features on the ​Features Page


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Release notes
You can find release notes on the Glass website at
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