Google Map Location Picker Field

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6/26/2013 5:18:11 AM
5/16/2016 10:11:29 PM
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Note: for Sitecore 8, please use package v1.2

credit: Lars Skov for finding solution to make it work on sitecore 8


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    How to use

    1. Install "Gmap Location Picker" package using Sitecore Installation Wizard.
    2. Go to template settings.
    3. Add new field with type "Custom Fields > GmapLocationPicker" in selected template. For example, we create new field called Loc and assign it using GmalLocationPicker field.

    Template Editor Sample

    Field in content editor without value

    • Clicking "Set Location" button will be open up the location picker popup.
    • Clicking "Clear Location" button will be clear the selected location point.

    Location Picker Popup

    Field in content editor with value assigned

Release notes
v1.0 was released on 26 June 2013
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