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7/22/2016 4:41:09 PM
8/1/2016 10:24:58 AM
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This is a Gated Content module utilising Websforms for Marketers giving Content Editors tools to gated areas of a page so that Site Visitors must first provide some information in a form before gaining access to Content such as Text, PDFs, White Papers etc.

For example;

A visitor comes to the site and navigates to a page that holds some valuable content – a white paper, imagery, text etc. The content is not presented, however, a form is displayed requesting some information about themselves. After providing that information the content is displayed to that user and they shouldn’t see the form on subsequent visits.

What's more this Module implements levelled Gated Content.

Content Editors can define content to require different levels of gated access. Imagery could require the Level 1 - providing an email address. Where a White Paper may require Level 2 - an occupation. Someone who has only provided an email address will be prompted to provide further information in the form. Where a Level 2 can view the White paper and the Imagery.

The Module allows Levels to be created so you can have 1 to 99 levels for example.

The tool uses Sitecore's Webforms for Marketers and Personalization rules to achieve the functionality.


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