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The Express Subitem Module allows content editors to edit multiple child Sitecore items at the same time within the context of the parent item. This field is commonly used to manage lists of related items that exist only within the context of the parent. A few examples are as follows:

  1. Addresses related to a Person
  2. Education History related to a Person
  3. Employment History related to a Person
  4. Schedule related to an Event

This field improves the content editing experience because the content administrator does not need to navigate to the child items to edit related information.

Express Subitem - Collapsed

Express Subitem - Collapsed

Express Subitem - Expanded

Express Subitem - Expanded

Supported Fields

The following field types are currently supported by the Express Subitem module:

  • Droptree
  • File
  • Image
  • Multilist
  • Treelist
  • Datetime
  • Date
  • Rich Text
  • Single-Line Text
  • Integer
  • Droplink
  • Checkbox

Additional field types can be added by modifying the source code. The fields support Sitecore 8.1 language field fallback.

Please see the related blog post and GitHub repository for further information.


Release notes
Version 1.0
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