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2/1/2016 5:26:11 PM
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The component contains the following set of tools which can be accessed using the /sitecore/admin/default.aspx page:

  • Database Cleanup - Allows to perform various cleanup operations on specific databases.
  • EventQueue Statistics - Provides overview of the EventQueue processing.
  • Jobs Viewer - Provides overview of jobs execution.
  • Package Item - Allows to package specific items with their dependencies.
  • PublishQueue Statistics - Provides overview of the PublishQueue processing.
  • Raw Search - Allows to search for the specific string in database or on the file system.
  • Security Tools - Provides various login and user management features.
  • Sql Shell - Allows to execute sql scripts using the specific connection strings.
  • User Info - Provides logged in user details.

The component is a regular Sitecore Package and should be installed using Sitecore Installation Wizard.

The component is built-in into Sitecore 7.2 rev. 160123 (Update-6) and all Sitecore versions with later revisions.


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