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When you have multiple sites with different language sets (e.g. a Belgian site in Dutch/French, a Swiss site in fr/de/it and a Danish site in dk/en) or simply a large volume of available languages, managing these languages in Sitecore can become cumbersome.

This module consists of 2 parts, which can be activated separately:

1. The language section: displaying the languages for your item in a user friendly way and suited for a multi-site, multi-lingual environment (as from v2 also in the XP editor)

2. A request resolver to verify request languages for a site


  • Documentation > Documentation - Installation - Configuration
    Documentation - Installation - Configuration
    For latest version, see GitHub: <a href="https://github.com/Gatogordo/EasyLingo/blob/master/documents/EasyLingo.pdf">EasyLingo doc</a>
Release notes
18-07-2016 : Version 1.0 released
12-08-2016 : Version 2.1 released
    - added XP editor support
    - minor layout optimizations
    - added view on versions in unregistered languages
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