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Sitecore 9.0 and 9.1


As many large companies are delivering digital content to users across the globe, taking advantage of a Sitecore. To help improve website speed and reduce latency times. Addact CloudConnect enables users in setting up a Sitecore integration with AWS CloudFront CDN to help supercharge the delivery of a website’s static assets.

In this module, we are maintaining same flow to store image in media library for CMS user. But for website we store image to AWS CDN network. So, when user login in Sitecore CMS at that time all media comes from Sitecore itself. Sitecore user sync all media through our module.

In this module, we are giving functionality for sync media to CDN when new item creates in media library. Also, we are managing update, rename, move item from media library.



  • “Sync Media” button in publish section where Sitecore user manually sync the item from Sitecore to AWS CDN. This feature is useful when some clients want to integrate CDN in Sitecore at that time sync all media to CDN. We are giving two option for here. One for sync “Current item” and another for “Current item with child”.
  • “Clear Cache” button in publish section where Sitecore user clear the CDN cache from Sitecore itself. No requirement to go to the AWS console and remove the particular image cache or all website cache. Here we are giving two option for clearing cache one for individual item and another for remove all item cache.
  • Configurable checkbox for enable or disable CDN integration.


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