Analytics Database Manager (ADM)

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Provider: Sitecore


ADM 3.0 works with Sitecore 8.0 or higher.

The tool allows to perform the following actions:

  • Remove historical data older than specified date using various filters (including custom ones).
  • Remove contacts without interactions.
  • Re-index contact data.




ADM 2.1 works with Sitecore 7.2. It helps you to:

  • Clean up the unnecessary data from the Analytics database by various criteria.
  • Remove BOTs visits/sessions.
  • Perform the indexes rebuilding of the Analytics database.
  • Quickly create a backup of the analytics data.
  • Synchronize the Analytics Definitions to use the clean Analytics database on the existing solution.
  • Diagnose mismatches of the Analytics database configuration with the recommendations in the DMS Performance tuning Guide



  • Documentation > Getting Started with the Analytics Database Manager
    Analytics Database Manager 1.0 and 2.0 Documentation
    Installation and usage

    • Install the ADM package.
    • Go to 'Control Panel' -> 'Analytics' -> 'Analytics Database Manager'.
    • Select the certain task and run it.

    How to Upgrade

    In general, upgrade procedure for ADM is the following:

    • Rename Sitecore.AnalyticsDatabaseManager.config file to Sitecore.AnalyticsDatabaseManager.config.backup
    • Install new ADM package
    • When asking about conflicts, always choose 'Overwrite' option
    • Manually update settings in Sitecore.AnalyticsDatabaseManager.config from Sitecore.AnalyticsDatabaseManager.config.backup (if needed)


    To read more about the module you can find the documentation as a PDF document in the download section:

    Known issues (for ADM 2.0.0)

    1. [FIXED IN ADM 2.1 rev. 141001 (Update-1)] ADM requires consistent DMS database to clean it up. It could lead to ‘There was problem with setting/removing constraints. Please re-run the task’ error in ADM, when Analytics database with broken consistency is used.

    To check your DMS database integrity use the ‘DMS_integrity_check.sql' script from Download section, it will return all orphan entries in DMS database. To fix this violation by removing orphan entries, you can use ‘DMS_integrity_fix.sql’ script from Download section.

    2. After performing ‘Clean all Analytics Data’ task, it is recommended to restart all Sitecore instances connected to the cleaned Analytics database. Otherwise, it may lead to inconsistent Analytics database in future.

  • Documentation > Analytics Database Manager 3.0 Documentation
    Analytics Database Manager 3.0 Documentation
    Installation and usage
    • For Sitecore 8.0 Update 4 or earlier, add the MongoDB assembly binding redirect as it is described in the 2nd solution in the following article:
    • Install the ADM package.
    • Go to 'Dashboard’ -> 'Analytics Database Manager'.
    • Select the needed tab, specify the attributes and run the task.
    • Documentation You can read more about the module in the following document: Administrator Guide
Release notes
December 26, 2016
Analytics Database Manager 3.0.0 rev. 161226 has been released.

The module runs on Sitecore 8.0 – 8.2.
The module has the following features:
      - Remove historical data older than specified date using various filters (including custom ones).
      - Remove contacts without interactions.
      - Re-index contact data.

October 01, 2014

Analytics Database Manager 2.1.0 rev. 141001 (Update-1) has been released.


- Logic of clean-up procedures was reworked and it does not require strongly consistent database anymore.
Now, the database schema is not updating during the operations, so clean-up procedures work much stable.
      - As a result, 'There was problem with setting/removing constraints' message will not be shown, as no constraints are changing;
      - Batch processing is used now to decrease load on the SQL Server during clean-up operation. The batch size and maximum iterations could be specified in *.config file.

- Added configuration for cleaning up helper tables (Browsers, OS...) in 'Clean All' command

- Improved statistics shown at the end of cleaning operation (now, number of visits/visitors removed is shown correctly)

April 08, 2014

Analytics Database Manager 2.1.0 rev. 140408 has been released.

- The range of diagnostic tasks have been added:
1. Auto Close Property
2. Auto Shrink Property
3. Check AutoDetectBots Setting
4. Compatibility Level property
5. File Growth
6. Maintenance Plan
7. Maximum File Size
8. Recovery Model
9. SQL Index Health
It allows you to check whether Analytics database is configured
according to the DMS Performance tuning Guide and update values
with the recommended ones.

March 01, 2013

Analytics Database Manager 2.0.0 rev. 130301 has been released.

- Support for Sitecore DMS, this version is compatible only with
Sitecore 6.5-6.6
- Cleaning up analytics data by custom Visits

November 10, 2011

Analytics Database Manager 1.0.0 rev. 111109 has been released.
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