Sitecore Better Shared Source Initiative

The purpose of the better shared source initiative is to generally improve the quality of selected shared source.

What does Tested by Sitecore mean?

Tested by Sitecore is an initiative to improve the quality of the more popular shared source modules by assigning a module to a Sitecore Solution Architect and have the architect go through a series of checks to make sure that it is following Sitecore’s best practice.

These are the steps that the Solution Architect checks the module for:

   1. Sanity: Does the module live up to the expectations? Does documentation say something that is not covered properly in the product?
   2. Obvious flaws: Are there something vital missing? For example, if a blog module did not commentary capabilities.
   3. Best practice review. Does the system follow general guidelines, such as: 
        a. Extensibility: Uses pipelines, events, commands. 
        b. Configurability: No hardcoded connection strings, paths etc. 
        c. Uses web include files instead of direct web.config change. 
        d. Provides a package. 
        e. Provides serialization/de-serialization of content items. 
        f. Roughly follows best .NET practice: for example building multi-tier application. Class separation. Generics. 
        g. Does not use non-recommended approaches for Sitecore. 
        h. Security layer implemented appropriately. 
        i. Multi-tenant capabilities (multiple sites). 
        j. Support for multiple devices, - or at least prepared for. 
        k. Multi-language capabilities. 
        l. Interoperability. Does the module work with other modules? For example, there might be synergies between something like the rating, the commentary and the blog module (e.g. rate and comment on a blog post). 
       m. Does the module have an installation guide? If not, it is imperative. 
       n. Does the module have any documentation? If not, when?
   4. Next step: What to do next. What should be improved?
   5. Next step: Can this module be branched into a “bundle” with other modules.

If the module meets these demands the module is labeled ‘Tested by Sitecore’ and you will see this icon on the project space.

Tested by Sitecore

With this label you know that the module has been checked by Sitecore.

What does Supported by Sitecore mean?

After a shared source module has been accepted to become a ‘Tested by Sitecore’ module, Sitecore Customer Service has also taken a look at the quality of the modules that was selected to become Tested by Sitecore and accepted to offer support for these modules for a fixed amount. So If you want to receive support for the 'supported by Sitecore' shared source modules you must contact your Regional Sitecore office to buy a 'Professional Shared Source Support for all Support Enabled modules' license.

If Customer Service has accepted the better shared source module the project room will feature an icon like so:

Get Sitecore Support

What about the other Shared Source modules?

If the module’s project space doesn’t display one of these icons, it means that it is a regular shared source module and if you need assistance you can post your question on the Shared Source forum here or try and contact the module owner directly by asking him a question on his Sitecore profile.

Where can I find more information about Support?

If you want to learn more about the Supported by Sitecore initiative you can check out our website here and contact your local office for further information.